About us

Our company has been collecting and restoring historic motorcycles for more than 30 years. In our depository we have dozens of Czech motorcycles JAWA, CZ, MANET (in touring, sports, racing and special versions) as well as many motorcycles of foreign manufacturers, of which some have stopped production, such as DKW, BMW, Harley-Davidson, D-RAD, TERROT, NSU and others.

We also own contemporary documentation to most of the motorcycles.

At present we are restoring three motorcycles - JAWA 500 OHC type 15-02 (1958), CZ 175 (1935) and JAWA 50/551 JAWETTA STANDARD (1960).

Jaroslav Horejš Snr.:  +420  606 162 615
Jaroslav Horejš Jnr: +420  774 572 572

Wenzel Horejs :  +49 (0) 6322 959 337 (representative in Germany)

e-mail: oldtimergarage@oldtimergarage.cz

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